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Slendertone Belt Review 2017 - The best belt to improve core tone and strength?

Slendertone is a well-known brand among fitness freaks and has been popular for quite some time now despite mixed reviews. With products ranging from muscle training system gel pads and unisex muscle conditioners to core abs workout belts, Slendertone’s focus remains on developing technologically superior approaches to healthy living. Certainly, their promise of firmer, more toned abs in 6 to 8 weeks is lucrative enough. We take a look at this claim in our Slendertone belt review.

The science behind the technology implemented in Slendertone products is quite impressive. The muscle toning belt has been one of the most sought-after products in recent years, and this article will focus on the Slendertone belt review.

So read on.

Main criteria for a good belt

slendertone belt

Firstly, the product must deliver what it promises to. Scientifically, the abs muscle toning belt does that quite well. It utilizes the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology which sends minute electrical impulses to excite the nerves and achieve strong, deep contractions of the abdominal muscles. This increases the strength, firmness and tone of the muscles.

Secondly, it must not interfere with any other systems of the body. Slendertone uses medical-grade gel pads that are specifically designed to engage target muscles only. Thus it is safe for use irrespective of whether you are male or female, young adult or someone with a cardiac pacemaker.

Finally, it must be cost effective and easy to use. While the argument for the former may not be so strong for Slendertone belt, it definitely meets the usage criterion quite satisfactorily.

Product Overview

As we come to the most interesting part of the Slendertone belt review, I am glad to inform you that the box contains a number of items including the belt, rechargeable controller, AC adapter, travel carry pouch, manual quick start guide and a two year warranty.

The rechargeable, handheld system controller is the key to adjust time, intensity and toning program manually. There are as many as seven toning programs and upto 99 intensity levels. The design is such that the belt fits women’s waist sizes 24 to 44 inches and men’s waist sizes 27 to 44 inches. It is FDA cleared, patented and the results have been demonstrated clinically.

The company recommends you to use the belt 4 to 5 times a week while exercising or performing daily activities and household chores. It is advised to supplement the usage with a healthy diet plan and moderate exercise for best results.

Here’s what people think about the product: 


The striking feature that makes this product a good buy is its portability. In the modern world of hustle and bustle, people rarely find the time to hit the gym and take care of their physique in the midst of their hectic schedules. This is where the Slendertone belt steps in. The fact that it allows you to do your job peacefully while doing its own is the chief reason why so many are willing to spend money on it.

The belt flaps are versatile in design so that anybody can use it – from young people to sexagenarians. All that you need to do is to adjust the intensity of the stimulus depending upon who is using it. Further the waist size window is large enough to include majority of the population.


This section of the Slendertone belt review takes me to the cons of the product. This belt is a little expensive. You might find better alternatives out there to make yourself fit and healthy. That said, it is a one-time investment that certainly deserves the dollar if you can afford it.

The promises that Slendertone makes are not empty, but they are not without certain conditions either. The EMS technology focuses on strengthening the core muscle groups, and has negligible effect on abdominal fat content. So unless you follow a proper meal plan and complementary exercises, chances are you will never derive contentment from your progress in 4 to 8 weeks

Although a minor point, it is interesting to note that the device is modeled for abdominal muscles only. Separate products are available for strengthening the other parts of your body like the triceps. Considering the price of the product, this appears to be slightly unfair for the customer.


The EMS technology used is the same as that utilized by professional sports personalities and physical therapists to achieve increased tone and strength of the core abdominal muscles. Although the price may seem mildly off-putting, this is a great product that can help you attain enviable physique as long as you stick to healthy diet and adequate exercise.

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