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Best Powerlifting Shoes - The top 5 On The Market Today


If you are the type of person that is serious about getting into shape or building muscle, furthering your weightlifting or body building career, having the correct shoe ware is just as important as having the right equipment available to you in the gym. Finding the best shoes for power lifting can be a daunting task. There are several key components that you should consider when searching for the best shoes for squats or dead lifts and they are fabric type, durability, breathability, and engineering of the shoe. Not only will the best shoe geared for activities like deadlights or squats provide comfort, but they will also increase the level of safety while working out.

1. Adipower weightlifting shoe

Adipower weightlifting shoe - Our top pick for the best powerlifting shoe

Made by Adidas, these shoes are considered the best shoes for power lifting because of their ingenious design. The perfect balance of breathability with the mesh holes around the shoe and durability from the use of PU-coated leather allows for increased airflow to the foot. Another aspect that would make this shoe the best shoe for dead lifts or other weight training activities is the TORSION® SYSTEM technology that ensures the ability for the shoe to flex. This allows lightweight stability you need. All of the thought that went into the engineering of the Adipower weightlifting shoe definitely lends itself to creating the best shoe for squats, deadlifts and powerlifting.

2. Nike Romaleos II Powerlifting Shoe

Nike Romaleos II Power Lifting Shoe

Flexibility and usable customization are the Nike Romaleos II Power lifting Shoe’s game and they were designed to work with you in every way. With a pair of stiff insoles and soft insoles with every pair purchased, you can wear the pair that best suits your activity. For example, if you are a competitor, the level of support the stiff insole provides would be more beneficial than the soft ones geared more towards training. The fit of the shoe itself is secured by the contoured TPU heel wedge cups. The flexibility of the shoe is created by the elastic at the top and has the ability to flex with the foot consistent with the movement of weightlifting.

3. Nike Metcon 2

Nike Metcon 2

Another leading style offered by Nike is the Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoe. Offering stylish design and designed for a variety of activities, this is the best shoe for squats, the best shoe for dead lifts, and the best shoe for power lifting. Technology known as Flywire mid-foot technology keeps the wearer’s foot in place while lifting, sprinting or climbing. Cushioning is offered by the Dual-density foam that is used in the shoe’s design. Support and lasting comfort are two of the most important aspects of purchasing the best squat shoes. The Nike Metcon 2 offers a very high level of them both.

4. Nike Flex Trainer’s Women’s Cross Training

Nike Flex Trainer's Women's Cross Training

Power lifting is not just for men anymore. With more women in the arena of weight training, the Nike Flex Trainer Cross Training Shoe for Women is designed specifically with the form of a woman’s foot in mind. Lightweight cushioning is given by the midsole being injected with Pylon. In addition, flex grooves lend themselves for multidirectional movements needed in many types of training. For example, these may be the best squat shoes and the best shoe for dead lifts for women on the market. As if this was not enough, the designers added increased traction by using both Phylon outsole and nominal rubber pods.

5. Nike Women’s In-Season TR6 Training Shoe

Nike Women's In-Season TR6 Training Shoe

Available in a variety of colors, the Nike In-Season TR6 Training shoe designed specific to a woman’s foot, has everything the developing power lifter needs with added style to match any work out outfit. It is made of a breathable mesh to allow for breathability and maintains desired temperature for the foot. Comfort that lasts and unmatched support that is completely resilient is created by the memory foam sock liner. Directional movement, an important aspect providing flexibility during training, is offered by the internal strap for support during training in a variety of activity like squats, dead lifts and power lifting.


Whether you are a male or female power lifter, you need to be equipped with the best shoe on the market. The comfort, durability, flexibility, and breathability of the shoe you decide upon will lend itself to ultimately helping you along your training journey. The best squat shoe has the ability to flex and contour with the foot during movement. The comfort you experience while working out will increase your motivation to continue. The durability in your shoe will assist in your work out for longer periods, making this more of an investment than merely a decision. Overall, any of the above shoes would be an excellent choice for a veteran or beginning power lifter.

Our number 1 pick for the best powerlifting shoe you can buy is the Adipower weightlifting shoe. These shoes offer great breathability, flexibility and are lightweight.

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