Top 5 Best Weight Lifting Belt For Your Money

Does wearing the best weight lifting belt enhance your power and strength? The answer is a straightway: Yes! Various researches have proved that putting on a belt helps in increasing one’s strength and muscular growth.

Several researches have proved that wearing a weight lifting belt while lifting either has very less effect on the erector spinae muscles or contrastingly upsurges their use by almost 25%. While, the other studies on weight lifting belts reveal that it greatly accelerates the muscle activity of the rectus abdominis.

There are many things to consider while purchasing the best weight lifting belt. Below is our top 5 best weight lifting belt recommendation.

Genuine Leather Pro Weight lifting Belt

Dark Iron Fitness - The best weight lifting belt for your money

This is the best weight lifting belt. The most notable feature of Genuine Leather Pro is that it does not break, tear, or wear out because of the authentic leather used in it. It is made up of premium reinforced real leather. It is the best leather weightlifting belt.

The other features include its comfort and ease of use. The belt is extremely comfortable to wear and gives no bulky feel around the waist. It has a heavy-duty metal buckle and extra holes to adjust the belt to fit well.

The belt is very light in weight (nearly 1.5 lbs) and hence carrying it in your gym bag will not create hitches. It is 4" in length and 5mm in thickness that ensure complete support for your back and entire core.

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

Fire Team Fit

The Fire Team Fit Weight Belt supports the body while weight lifting. It protects the body from any injury and enhances your exercise knack. The belt comes in four different colours: Black, Blue, Grey and Pink.

The belt is deliberately crafted to provide support to your back and give mobility to accomplish multiple exercises. You can perform body building activities using the weight lifting belt and go for exercises like Back Squats and Overhead Squats.

It does not have a fixed set of holes for adjustments. It has velcro support strap which makes it easy to adjust the tightness as desired. It gives good abdominal and lower back support.

FITGIRL - Pink Weight Lifting Belt


The FITGIRL Weight Lifting Belt is specifically designed for women. The attractive pink coloured strips on the belt looks very girlish. This belt aids in doing master exercises with extra safe feel. It has a 2” support strap that adjusts with the Velcro giving more effective support.

The belt gives extra comfort at the back. You can tighten the belt at waist while doing work out, and loosen it after during all other times.

Harbinger Polypropylene Weight Dip Belt


The Harbinger Polypropylene Weight Dip Belt is designed to provide the perfect fit and comfort while doing heavy exercises and workout activities. The belt is made from polypropylene that gives it extra strength and resilience.

Using this belt on waist you can add up extra weights for dips and chin ups with ease. It gives support to the back while doing dips. The belt can be adjusted to any size and fit anybody.

Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt


The Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt helps the user to enhance their body balance and coordination. The belt is quiet flexible and offers extra endurance to the body. It helps you to build more core strength. The Valeo belt is an excellent leather weightlifting belt.

While using this belt, one can exercise on various muscle groups at a time. It is made of the best quality of Cowhide. The ends are stitched with double lining to give extra strength.


Weight lifting belts are the tools that help you facilitate the use of the abs and lower-back muscles. Though many people think that a weightlifting belt works as a brace to upkeep the torso or the body in order to provide support to the core muscles, but it is not much true. Find the best weight lifting machine to get the maximum benefits.

There are numerous benefits of using a weight lifting belt while you work out. Study shows that wearing a normal or leather weight lifting belt while work out eases the spinal flexion and extension i.e. the forward bend at the spine and the backward bend back of the spine. It also reduces the lateral flexion of the spine, but upturns the hip and knee flexion.

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